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NOWA Speakers Bureau
Need a Speaker for an Upcoming Program?

Many NOWA members make themselves available as speakers, sometimes for a small fee, sometimes at no charge. Members are also available for panels discussions. In some cases, NOWA may even be able to assist with publicity to help fill those seats.

Please contact individual members directly. Our speakers' topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Creativity and Problem Solving
    Creativity is a valuable, yet intangible, resource in an increasing competitive environment. Often confused with artistry, creativity is really enhanced problem solving using a variety of critical thinking tools. Learn how to remove mental barriers and stimulate creative thinking within both the individual and the organization.
    Speaker: J.R. Bale

  • Building Your Brand
    How marketing professionals can help you develop and project the right image for your target market. "It is my responsibility to educate my clients to the importance of a well planned branding strategy,” says speaker Harvey Barry. “Sure, I can design a compelling logo or graphics for an advertisement, a product package, or a sales kit, but its effectiveness is diminished if it is not supported by an on-going and cohesive campaign. The message must be clear and consistent across all media used."
    Speaker: Harvey Barry

  • Sex Ed Entrepreneurs
    How to use a variety of information to connect your audience with your marketing messages. Particular emphasis is placed on getting to know the messages your target audience (i.e. doctors, etc.) need to hear before making a referral decision. The presentation is particularly appropriate for professionals seeking to learn how to market a solo practice. Speaker: Melanie Davis, Ph.D

  • 25 Ideas for Spreading the Word about Your Business
    Need a jumpstart to let others know about your work? Whether your work is running your own business or volunteering with a charitable organization, this presentation identifies 25 different ways to increase awareness of your work—from Advertising to Word of Mouth. You can decide for yourself which ideas will work best for you. And if you need help implementing these ideas, NOWA members can help make it happen.
    Speaker: Vivian Fransen

  • Target Audience Web Design: Designing Your Online Strategy by Defining Your Target Audience
    How to creatively market online without becoming a geek. Gain an appreciation for Search Engine Optimization and other online marketing strategies. Most of all, understand your target audience and how to reach them. Includes an overview of online marketing fundamentals such as; the value of professional design, content, and images; simplified search engine optimization techniques; email marketing, social networking, and other marketing options. Appropriate for business owners, marketing managers, graphic designers, copywriters, and service professionals.
    Speaker: Dwight Hurych

  • Sleep Tight Tonight
    Are you sleep deprived? Learn how to get a better night’s sleep so you feel rested, refreshed and productive during the day. Proven solutions from around the world, plus pre-bedtime routines recommended by health professionals.
    Speaker: Tracy Ecclesine Ivie, author of “Why Count Sheep When You Can SLEEP?”

  • Unlocking Your Ideas: How to Write, Publish and Market Your Book
    An overview of writing and publishing basics. This talk is particularly aimed at the businessperson who understands the need for a book to increase awareness of his or her expertise and branding, but who has never found the time to write it.
    Speaker: Karen Miller

  • Finding the Right Image: The Importance of Photography and Design in Marketing
    A picture is worth a thousand words: so why would you plan you marketing without strong visual images? Whether you are working on a website, a brochure, or in social media, finding the right image makes your message more personal and intimate.
    Speaker: Jennifer Pierce

  • Technical PR:
    Writing and Placing Aarticles in Trade Magazines on Technical Products.

    This talk is particularly geared to engineering groups and other technical societies such as pharmaceutical engineers, plant engineers, energy engineers, Parenteral Drug Association, and others. This talk also works well as a joint presentation on creating a technical website.
    Speaker: Bob Seeley

  • Powerpoint Techniques for Enhanced Communication
    PowerPoint is the most used (and misused) presentation tool. Learn communication-enhancing techniques, as well as common pitfalls to avoid. This presentation includes techniques for creating non-linear presentations.
    Speaker: J.R. Bale

Many members may be willing to speak on other topics all well.

Available Speakers

J.R. Bale
Harvey Barry
Melanie Davis
Vivian Fransen
Dwight Hurych
Tracy Ivie
Karen Miller
Jennifer Pierce
Robert Seeley

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